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“Taisje is a dedicated, smart, capable, insightful, team player, who can also lead. She is a highly motivated young woman who intends to work in our industry. Ms. Claiborne was my intern at Radio One Philadelphia during the 2012 fall/winter semester. In fact, she worked so hard to the point that during her tenure, I promoted Taisje to the status of my associate producer on 100.3 WRNB-FM.”

Dyana Williams Celebrity Strategist/Media Coach/ On-Air Personality

“I worked with Taisje when she was the in studio producer and engineer for the Philadelphia Phillies radio network during the 2015 season.  I must admit that at the beginning of the season when she told me she really didn’t know very much about baseball, I was skeptical that she could be effective in her duties of putting together the pre and post game shows in addition to making sure the game broadcasts ran smoothly.  However, she laid my fears to rest very quickly.

Taisje was as organized as any producer I’ve ever worked with….her attention to detail unmatched.  It is obvious that she is very conscientious and professional.  She was also able to adjust to situations on the fly with remarkable ease.  And on top of that, she never seemed to ever have a bad day, or if she did, she certainly never let any of the on-air talent have any idea.

The 2015 season was a long year for the Phillies with lots of losses, but working with Taisje was one of the bright lights.  She would be an asset to any organization and a true pleasure for employees of any company to be associated with.”

Jim Jackson TV Play-by-Play Sportscaster for the Philadelphia Flyers and Pre & Postgame host for the Philadelphia Phillies Radio Network

“Taisje Claiborne is a great asset to any company, she is clear and concise with her communication and takes initiative with all task. Her pleasant demeanor, positive attitude and hard work doesn’t go unnoticed!”

Darcel Grant On-Air Personality at Hot 107.9

Taisje is a dream. She’s the kind of person who quietly excels at everything she does. She’s an incredibly productive and valuable team member who makes sure the work gets done and offers creative ideas. She never drops a ball or cuts a corner. Taisje also has wonderful instincts and the capacity to master new topics quickly. On top of all that, she is full of smiles, cheer and personality. The world would be a better place if we all worked with more people like Taisje.

Megan Kiesel Senior Management, Program Development at Clarifi

“Taisje is a person of great character and has strong work ethic. Not only does she get the job done, she exceeds expectations going above and beyond. The work that she does behind the scenes as a supports coordinator for our college counseling program allows us to help impact the lives of the families we serve by helping them to reach their college planning and funding goals. It’s definitely a pleasure to have her on our team!”

Christopher Chaplin Business Development Manager/Clarifi College Advisor at Clarifi

“Professionalism, teamwork, and multitasking are at the core of the program’s operations.  Taisje was a role model in each area and was integral in training others who later joined the program during her time with us.  She always maintained a positive attitude and was willing to jump on any task at any time in the very fast paced environment of producing daily live programming.  Taisje arrived each day with new ideas to pitch.”

Kris Schrader Media Programs Manager at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

“Taisje is what every on-air talent should strive to be. Taisje’s show was always entertaining and informative. As PD of WHIP, it wasn’t much I ever had to say to Taisje about her show. I was truly grateful to have on-air talent like Taisje on staff that truly “got it”. Taisje always came up with great content and delivered the best interviews. Taisje was a leader at the station and she would be a great addition to any team!”

Jerod Dabney Producer at CBS Radio/Former Program Director of WHIP: Philly’s Number One College Radio Station

“I have worked closely with Taisje as co-hosts on Temple’s Student Run Radio W.H.I.P.. Taisje exudes all the qualities you would need in a company. Her consistency and work ethic is one that I enjoy to work with. She has a positive attitude everyday and approaches each task with such confidence and determination to which she gets the job done. I have been blessed to worked alongside her for the past two years and I am looking forward to seeing her growth in the years to come.”

Samantha Apollon Co-host of The Saga on WHIP: Philly’s Number One College Radio Station

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  1. She is a beautiful spirit that keeps shining. I enjoy working along with her on WHIP Radio and also as a classmate. Her energy is amazing and her dedication is outstanding. I speak blessings over her future. The fruits of her label are sure to blossom.Congratulations to her for her future success!

    -Starsha Divine Frierson WHIP Radion personality on the Quiet Storm

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