Taisje interviews MMG’s Stalley at a release party hosted at VILLA.

After graduating cum laude from Temple University’s School of Media and Communication, Taisje Claiborne began her career as a board operator at the only African-American owned and operated talk-radio station in Pennsylvania, 900 AM WURD. Working at this historic station Taisje not only executed the programming format as expected but reported on Caribbean sports during the Caribbean Connection Show with radio favorite, Lloyd Cummings. She currently works as the Associate Producer of The Rich Zeoli Show on CBS Radio’s Talk Radio 1210.  Working alongside esteemed radio host Rich Zeoli, Taisje identifies key topics for the listening demographic, books guests and screens incoming phone calls maintaining the overall flow of the program. Through her experiences, Taisje plans to bring a voice to the voiceless, relatability to the masses and share the stories of individuals who have shaped the world we live in. With each opportunity granted, Taisje intends to do the same.


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